Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do you know "Mrs Partridge passed away today"

We have a pub next door the TVR HQ. It's called the Agricultural Arms or the Aggi as it is known by the locals. The bar itself is nothing much to shout about. In fact I usually avoid the place. But it does have one redeeming factor. It as a big back room. More of a hall really, for gigs and functions. It also has a stage a decent PA and a lighting rig, a rare thing for a pub gig. The reason for last nights visit was to see Devon's very own answer to The Yardbirds, The Devil Delta Blues Band. As usual TDDBB delivered a faultless set of both blues standards and their own classically crafted vintage blues tunes. It was a shame that harp player Joel Squire couldn't make the show. I was told he had taken to his bed with a bout of the ill's. After the show I got talking to the drummer, Mr Keith Giles, and the conversation turned to previous bands he had performed with.
Keith, it turns out, was the drummer for the 60's psych-pop band Fortes Mentum. Not a band I knew anything about, but I do now with a lot of help from the web. Now I know that there are certain folk out there who get very excited over such things and are willing to part with large sums of cash for such vinyl gems. Especially when it comes to rare psych/rock/pop and folk bands from the 60's. So before I get inundated with mail asking for Keith's contact details, he assures me that he has not got any Fortes Mentum LP's or singles for sale.

I found a couple of tracks online but as expected the web is peppered with bits and pieces about the band but their website is far the best place to glean any information you may require about the band.
I found their 1968 single release on Parlophone Records entitled Saga of a Wrinkled Man and a download on Rhapsody and their web site has some classic photos and an up to date band biog. Well worth a look if you want to experience some classic English psych-pop from the 1960's. Hope you enjoy and thank you Keith for unlocking the doors to your psychedelic past. Keith's next appearance with the with The Devil Delta Blues Band will be 5th September at The Pier Tavern, Illfracombe, Devon.

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