Thursday, December 10, 2009

A weekend filed under 'difficult music' - ATP, Minehead, UK

A few close friends of TVR (Mr Jupp aka Belbury Poly/Ghost Box and Mr Stevens aka French Canadian Bean Soup) joined Mr Powell and Mr Mandrake in the town of Minehead for a weekend of alternative music appreciation. Here are some of my personal high points.

Pictured here J Masscis surrounded by his wrecking ball wall of noodlin noise. This shot was taken during his three song sound check. We watched the show from the relative safety of the rear of the auditorium wearing the ear plugs supplied.

Spectrum gradually built a sonic drone assault from the ground up as we all gazed at our shoes. Meanwhile later that evening Mr Stevens and Mr Jupp where told to keep their opinions on how to re-boot a Power Book G4 to themselves. They duly left the auditorium with their pride still intact.

Lee Renaldo lining up here for one of his songs from the Eternal set plus Death Valley 69.

Thurston Moore about to dispatch yet another vintage Fender Jaguar. Sadly no Jaguars where harmed during the show.

Now play nicely together Sonic Youth and please try and use your inside voices. Think of the neighbours.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sometimes it's not all about the music

We pride our selves here at TVR on our diverse and eclectic cultural tastes. So when by chance we happen upon something a tad left field or just plane odd. We feel duty bound, obliged even to share it with you. So please enjoy the world of Entrances to Hell.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eirlys Rhiannon - Sleep (Unlabelled Label for Irregular Records)

It starts with a Crazy World. It’s is a lovely drunken lurch of a song, that put me in mind of the taste of cider on a late night hay ride. Whatever one of those is. The backing for the smiling sleepy vocals is sparse and loose – Eirlys on guitar and Rowan Armes on fiddle. Rowan's playing is excellent. She starts by plucking a counter melody and it’s a great sound: fuller than a banjo and less irritating than a mandolin. Then she picks up the bow and lets loose, but without swamping the tune. So nice to listen to an accomplished musician who listens as well as they play. She also adds simple piano accompaniment on the tracks plot and come home again this works well

The plucked fiddle absolutely perfect on Fahrenheit. This is a bit of an epic that starts with a gentle kind of menace that builds up and up wonderfully. Sorry but the djembe freak-out at the end is like a waiter’s dreadlock dangling in your soup – unnecessary and lacking taste.

The more upbeat songs such as Chasing Hope and Packer’s Field missed me a bit. They sound a little overplayed and compared to the other tracks, they’re just a bit too strident and earnest. There’s definitely an element of old fashioned radical mung bean politicking going on here but it generally doesn’t detract from the music. Apart from the Djembe.

I try not to read lyric sheets. It's much better to catch odd phrases and put them together gradually into a jigsaw of familiarity. Eirlys rewards this method but when I got to Calon Lan, sung beautifully unaccompanied, I was forced to look at the lyric sheet, as it's all in foreign. Happily there's a translation and the meaning is as lovely as the sound.

I really like this album even though it’s not the sort of thing I usually go for. It lies somewhere in the space between Natalie Merchant, The Be Good Tanyas and a Reclaim the Streets Demonstration. That’s not a bad place to be at all.

For more information on the music of Eirlys Rhiannon or to buy a copy of her album Sleep visit her web site or her myspace page.

Reviewer: CP Mandrake

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lewis Wilson - Lift You Up (Rip Roaring Records)

Comparisons with the summer time is blindingly obvious from the get go with opener Holiday in the Sun and from then on the tone is set.
However, despite the fluffy theme running through the album it actually brought out my cynical side. Although opening our minds and taking care of the homeless are very considerate and noble gestures, lyrically at times it does tend to feel like a skit from Sesame Street. That’s not a criticism as such, more of an observation from someone who prefers a touch more pessimistic content amongst the unrelenting jollity.
Cynicism aside, musically it’s tight. Early on there’s a baggy feel which isn’t at all unpleasant but it’s when the sugar is diluted on tracks Postcards and Super Place when Wilson’s strengths come to the fore with the former reminiscent of that famous scouse foursome.
Those of you who like your pop music a little edgier you'd do well to steer clear, however those seeking a dose of audio sunshine now that the nights have drawn in, Lift You Up could be right up your street.

For more information on the music of Lewis Wilson visit his myspace site. To purchase your copy of Lift You Up visit Rip Roaring Records.

Reviewer: The Country Bear Jamboree

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Williams

You can hear a warm analogue hiss on the first few seconds of this recording if you're listen to this album on headphones. The kind of warm comforting sound that you find on home or field recordings. It’s a sound that studio engineers fear and may spend wasted hours and money trying to remove. This hiss is not a bad thing, in fact it’s the very opposite. It’s reassuring and comforting it makes this recording sound that extra little bit real. You really get the feeling that brother and sister duo Ben and Sadie Warner are both present in the room with you. It’s a very odd, but not an unpleasant, experience.
We are greeted by the opening track Falling Apart. Vocally, slightly disjointed and out of phase harmonised voices accompanied by a gentle touch upon a plucked nylon string acoustic guitar. All served with subtlety and a perfectly understated delivery.
There are so many elements of classic English folk music mysticism alive here. There is a blend of male and female vocal harmonies, which are not over done or milked, and no obvious choices of folkish vocal pitches or tonal values. The sparseness of the guitar works well with the structure of these beautifully and basically crafted songs. The use of deadpan percussion with a mere hint of flute and electronica on tracks such as The Moon You and I, Where to Begin and Icarus and the Sun all bring to mind pagan ritual dances and memories of 1970’s Hammer House of Horror movie scores. The whole work is surreal and dream like.
If I must be critical on a couple of points, some of the lyrics do tend to air on the side of fist attempts at heart felt 6th form college love poetry. But even this can be excused, as it gives a twist of playful innocence.
I’m not sure if this is an official release for Sweet Williams, so lets refer to is as a CDR release. With that in mind the production is on the agricultural side of recording. I mean this as a complement to its minimalist approach to recording techniques. However, with a bit more loving care at the mastering stage this could have made the difference between a potential folk classic and an eight track recording. This still doesn't take anything away from its beautiful resonance. A truly inspired body of work.

To find out more information on Sweet Williams and to get your copy of this CDR visit their myspace site.

Reviewer: DE Powell

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Douglas E Powell needs a drummer

Twister Valley Records stable mate Douglas E Powell is on the search for a drummer.
Douglas is working on album number 3 and feels the need for some light percussion on the recording sessions and for live work to accompany his folk and alt-country style.
Realistically he's looking in the southwest (UK). Just for logistical reasons but may consider looking further a field if the boots fit.
He used the term 'cocktail kit'. I take this to mean a stripped down drum kit consisting of bass drum, snare and high-hat played with brushes. Almost with a skiffle vibe.
If you are interested or know of anybody who is please contact us via myspace or mail us at twistervalleyre​cords@​gmail.​com

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Otis Gibbs plus support from Douglas E Powell, Pilton Devon 3rd Oct

Twister Valley Records stable mate Douglas E Powell was lucky enough to play the support slot for the legendary American folk singer Otis Gibbs at the Piton Village Hall, Devon, last Saturday night, 3rd October.
The sell out audience were first treated to a set of brand new material and some older classic songs from folk singer Douglas E Powell. Douglas was joined on stage for three songs by life long friend and bass player Andrew 'Tizz' Tizzard. Could this new combination of harmonized vocals, electric bass and acoustic guitar herald a new direction for Douglas? We will just have to wait and see.

Headliner Otis Gibbs is a master of the song link. Every tune masterfully entwined with the next with tales from his travels around the worlds stages, drinking holes and anti-war demos. Often tongue planted firmly within his cheek and sometimes with his political and religious views proudly on show. His songs where delivered to an appreciative audience who sat in total silence for over an hour and a half, breaking their silence only to applaud and occasionally heckle in the right places. This is all part of an Otis Gibbs live experience.
Promoters Matt and Shaun tell us that they have a full rosta of artists from all over the globe lined up to play at the the hall in the coming months. A great boost for the Devon live music scene.

Otis Gibbs new album Grandpa Walked A Picket Line (Wanamaker Recoding Company) is available to buy from

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forest Sun - Harlequin Goodnight

What do Americana songwriters write and sing about these days?
Is it their political or religious proclivities? Or could it be the classic loves labours lost?
In the case of Forest Sun and his latest album Harlequin Goodnight it would seem it consists of several points of reference skilfully captured and turned into melodious verse as they drifted by. As if held upon the warm off shore breezes that roll down off the mountains and gently fan the waves along the coastline of California's many beach breaks. Or is it just the way these tunes make me feel?
My So Cal fantasies to one side for a moment. This is a fine collection of such captured thoughts.

Ok, as you may have gathered I’m hooked. This is a very well presented work. Forest Sun is a well-presented fellow. I would go as far as saying that he looks a tad clean cut. Not a country soul beard, plaid shirt or trucker hat in sight. Even his name Forest Sun, some may say is a bit on the side of twee. But placing all this stereotypical bull to one side. I’m glad I pursued this musical hunch and found this gem of an album.

Its opener Be Kind To You just flowed out of my speakers with a tingling grace and an almost horizontal vocal lilt.
This recurring theme continues throughout the entire album including the title track Harlequin Goodnight. We skip from the straight up Americana of High and Low, draped in slide and skillful picking. To Gurus and Rock Stars, which found me, dancing a waltz around our living room with my wife. A sight not seen since we first listened to Her Rocky Spine by Great Lake Swimmers. With lines such as “hell is just heaven still learning. So we might as well sing whilst we’re burning” showing there is a wicked yet whimsical side to Mr Sun’s lyrics.
I can even forgive him for the crucifixion of Bob Dylan’s, She Belongs To Me. Which just left me posing the question, why Forest, why?

Forest’s completes his successful mission with the down beat track, Your Horizon. This gently plucked guitar and vocal piece proudly sits at the end of album. A perfectly executed grand finale to this ‘you just don’t want it to end’ album. As I find my self once more reaching for the play button.

For more information on the work of Forest Sun or to buy a copy a Harlequin Goodnight and other albums from Forest Sun's back catalogue visit his web site at

Reviewer: DE Powell

Friday, September 11, 2009

Daylight and Stars - Jim Jones

After the brief but wonderfully titled opener The Underwater Orchestra, Winter Song gets us going steadily and softly builds, finishing with a nice outro, but it’s not until the subsequent Road to You that this album truly begins. It’s a very accomplished song with echoes of contemporary bands currently doing the rounds and without question the highlight of the album. “Am I a passenger or just a visitor?” enquires the songwriter. Emphasised even more so by this track you can’t help but feel that the listener is the passenger on Jones’ soulful journey throughout the album.

There is a very personal theme running through his work, but Jim is no tortured soul. No tales of heartbreak or desperation here, thank you very much. Far from it. Tracks like Find Me Out and Evelyn are testament to this with the latter conjuring images of summer love, maybe lost, maybe not, but upbeat nevertheless.

The mid-section of the album continues in a similar vein with One Step Away and Treading Water which are supported nicely by Severn, a folk-infused one-minute instrumental which could possibly do with being longer.

A Cornish Western is pure indulgence on Jones’ part and probably an unnecessary filler but given the quality of the material surrounding it, we’ll forgive him this time. After this experimental interlude the album finishes strongly and beautifully with Daylight Breaks and another stand out number Illuminate, and as the title may suggest with slightly spiritual overtones.

Jim is obviously a guy with a positive outlook on life and it’s well reflected in his lyrics and musical style. The inclusion of a number different instruments makes the album feel more polished and never feels overdone, always keeping the formula simple, and is admirable considering that it could be tempting to over indulge.

In an industry saturated with successful solo artists with arguably little more than style over substance there’s easily enough here to stand up against and even surpass them.

For more information on the music of Jim Jones and to buy Daylight and Stars visit his web site at

Reviewer: Country Bear Jamboree

Sunday, September 6, 2009

and now for an intermission............

Twister Valley Records office top 10 play list.........

1. Joe Volt - Derwent Water Gaint (Bootleg) sorry Joe, send us a copy please!

2. Pete Coe - In Paper Houses (Backshift Music)

3. Sonic Youth - The Eternal (Matador)

4. Forest Sun - Harlequin Goodnight (Painted Sun)

4. Dinosaur Jr. - Farm (Pias)

6. Bon Iver - For Emma, forever ago (4AD)

7. Great Lake Swimmers - Ongiara (Nettwerk)

8. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Jacksonville City Nights (Lost Highway)

9. Neil Young - Mirrorball (Reprise Records)

10. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegen - Sunday at Devil Dirt (V2 Records)

Snaps - An article by Forest Sun

You know what I like about cowboy shirts? Snaps. Snaps are far superior to buttons. Elegant. Attractive. Practical. And most importantly-easily accessible. When I was a kid I wore shirts with snaps. (I had a pair of red cowboy boots, too.) With snaps you can pull your shirt open like your superman getting ready to fly or the incredible hulk, muscles bursting out of your shirt. Or even better have someone else pull your shirt open and off. And toss it recklessly on the floor while they kiss your newly exposed clavicles and fondle your love handles. Buttons don’t have that going for them. You rip a buttoned shirt off a body you can’t put it on again in the morning. Snaps you can. Plus the word snap has an inherently musical quality to it. It’s a verb. A rhythmic action. A percussive event each time you put on that shirt. That satisfying pulsation betwixt thumb and forefinger that buttons just can’t provide. Snaps are about speed. They’re streamlined. Aerodynamic. They may lack the propriety and ubiquitous homogeny of the more widely accepted buttons, but they more then make up for it in personality, relaxed attitude and sexy, pearlescent shine. And for that I am grateful. Forest Sun

Twister Valley Records will be reviewing Forest Sun's new album Harlequin Goodnight soon. Keep posted.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

9c from Benelux - Jinder

Jinder, Jinder, Jinder… a very pleasing moniker that just rolls of the tongue. So much so that I spent a while doing just that. Then I started trying to make little rhymes, but that proved to be difficult. Try it yourself. Here I’ll start you off:

“There once was a tunesmith called Jinder…”

There will be a prize for the best one.

But I digress. You want to know what I made of “9c from Benelux” don’t you?

Jinder is a very assured singer and guitar picker. The production is on the button with a soft warm sound and tastefully sparse use of slide and banjo here and there. The songs ache with longing for a world of long dusty trails, big skies and dumb gas station attendants.
He is at is best with intimate and heartfelt subjects such as “Aimee” which is as sweet a love song as you’ll hear this year. I’ll say nothing about the cover of “Vincent”. You probably don’t associate the song with a childhood holiday in Morecambe and it would be unfair to burden you with the detail.

Also there’s another problem.

Songs that couple “slide guitar” with “whisky bar” are fine when you’re from Austin Tx, but Jinder is from rural Warwickshire UK. That knowledge just grates on me and I can’t help wondering why pubs, pedestrian shopping precincts and cheap cider aren’t worthy of Jinder’s impressive songwriting skills.

Maybe I’m being unfair. After all, no one ever criticised Zep because they didn’t actually come from Middle Earth and Dr Octagon probably wasn’t born on Jupiter. This is a good little record from a class act.

You can buy 9c from Benelux and other titles from Jinder's back catalogue at

Reviewer: CP Mandrake

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do you know "Mrs Partridge passed away today"

We have a pub next door the TVR HQ. It's called the Agricultural Arms or the Aggi as it is known by the locals. The bar itself is nothing much to shout about. In fact I usually avoid the place. But it does have one redeeming factor. It as a big back room. More of a hall really, for gigs and functions. It also has a stage a decent PA and a lighting rig, a rare thing for a pub gig. The reason for last nights visit was to see Devon's very own answer to The Yardbirds, The Devil Delta Blues Band. As usual TDDBB delivered a faultless set of both blues standards and their own classically crafted vintage blues tunes. It was a shame that harp player Joel Squire couldn't make the show. I was told he had taken to his bed with a bout of the ill's. After the show I got talking to the drummer, Mr Keith Giles, and the conversation turned to previous bands he had performed with.
Keith, it turns out, was the drummer for the 60's psych-pop band Fortes Mentum. Not a band I knew anything about, but I do now with a lot of help from the web. Now I know that there are certain folk out there who get very excited over such things and are willing to part with large sums of cash for such vinyl gems. Especially when it comes to rare psych/rock/pop and folk bands from the 60's. So before I get inundated with mail asking for Keith's contact details, he assures me that he has not got any Fortes Mentum LP's or singles for sale.

I found a couple of tracks online but as expected the web is peppered with bits and pieces about the band but their website is far the best place to glean any information you may require about the band.
I found their 1968 single release on Parlophone Records entitled Saga of a Wrinkled Man and a download on Rhapsody and their web site has some classic photos and an up to date band biog. Well worth a look if you want to experience some classic English psych-pop from the 1960's. Hope you enjoy and thank you Keith for unlocking the doors to your psychedelic past. Keith's next appearance with the with The Devil Delta Blues Band will be 5th September at The Pier Tavern, Illfracombe, Devon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is this Summer? The P4R Live Music Night

Paddle4Relief will be holding another fundraising music gig at The Aggi, Braunton on Friday 21st August 2009! Founder, Tim Tanton is heading back to Sri Lanka in September, for three months, to complete a number of projects before the East Coast Monsoon Season hits!

. . . . . . featuring headlining band 'The Artists' – a quartet of talented young men who gave an energetic and powerful performance at their inaugural P4R music gig in June, who are fronted by the charismatic Pascal on lead guitar and vocals.

. . . . . . a new sound for P4R are 'Tied Loose' - a five piece band consisting of Keira - Vocals, Wilf - Rythm guitar, Dan – Bass, Adam – Drums and Darren - Lead/rythm guitar. They play their own material along with covers including; Communication Breakdown, Bring it on Home, Knockin on Heavens Door, Back in Black and Sweet Child o Mine. They are in the majority, a classic rock band, drawing on influences from Zeppelin, Hendrix, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, The Stones etc. But with their very own unique spin on it, largely helped by their female vocalist, Keira.

. . . . . . the enigmatic youth of Jim Heard as 'Ashbeck Goes Acoustic' – Jim was asked back following such awesome feedback from the crowd he entertained at the main P4R event on Saunton Beach back in June. The 19 year old singer/songwriter knows how to wow the crowd with his acoustic set. Jim's musical influences include Stereophonics, Blink 182, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and anything acoustic.

. . . . . . and finally but definitely not last, we have the mature and experienced Douglas E Powell – an absolute backbone of P4R's music gigs.
. . . .'Douglas E Powell's own take on folk and Americana has earned him great respect from fans of his music all over the world.
Choosing to play solely with acoustic guitar and harmonica, Douglas tips his hat to his musical heroes Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Burt Jansch.
His live performances are intensely charged with deeply personal lyrics over gritty and beautifully simplistic guitar work.'

And to help them blow the roof off, the ever present PINKY PA!
The evening will be kicking off around 8.30pm. A donaton of £3.50 will be requested on the door. All funds raised will go towards further Well and Water Projects in the village of Arugam Bay, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Come on down from that mountain

Mark Lennon – Down the Mountain (Vagabonds Tune Records – cat No 3683-A)

From the outset of this very short long player, a mere 27minutes and 23 seconds to be exact, you’re left in no doubt this is a country album that airs just on the side of alt and country rock. The opener, Down the mountain, rolls gently on through with accompaniment from hammond, pedal steel and vocal harmonies. We have here in place all the elements of a pretty decent album.

My Home Town bridges that gap between country and alt with Marks no fuss approach to song lyrics, singing honestly about a longing for the tree lined streets of his hometown back in the south. Mark now resides in Los Angeles, a place devoid of any tree-lined streets he would have us believe. But we get the sentiment.

With Wildside Mark moves down a gear and into, I feel his best mode. Leaving the full band behind for a moment, this track sees Mark laid bare, if only for a short while. With vocals from both Mark Lennon and Simone Stevens, a big acoustic guitar, a dash of piano and horns makes up by far the best track on this album. Now, this is no Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris moment, but I will admit there is a certain twang to the combination, but this track is so far removed from both alt-country or country rock. This is fresh. This is simplicity at it’s finest. There is a wise use of space between the two opposing melting and sliding vocal harmonies and a lack (I am please to say) of any drifting and a tad over bearing solos from his fellow band members, which is an all to common reoccurring fault with this album. What I could be with you and I’m doing fine both suffer from the same affliction.

This only goes to show that when Mark’s music is stripped down to its component parts it still functions so perfectly well.
The penultimate track Tennessee and the final track Broken find Mark musically grounded and in full control of his run away band and finally able to show case his obvious talents as a gifted songwriter.

For more information on the music of Mark Lennon or to buy this album visit

Reviewer: DE Powell

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello to our new followers

Massive thank you to all our new friends who have joined us over the last week as a result of our recent social networking recruitment drive.
Thanks also to the musicians, writers and bands from all over the world who have sent us albums to review and articles to contribute. Our very own dedicated team of reviewers and contributors, CP Mandrake, D E Powell and The Country Bare Jamboree are hard at work sorting the wheat from the chaff. Please keep sending us your music and anything else that you think that we might be interested in.

We will be posting our findings very soon.

p.s This blog site can not only be read here. An RSS news feed sends these posts to over 50 other sites. So a whole bunch of folk get to see what we write here.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Big stage big screen big up Mr Powell

Pictured here is little old Mr Powell on the big screen on the big stage at this years Goldcoast Oceanfest, Croyde Bay, Devon, UK.
Great set by Douglas including 3 new tunes. A great way to kick off the weekend of live music from the likes of Jim Jones, Amy Newton, Neil Halstead, Newton Faulkner and Jason Mraz. It was a fine weekend of sun and music. We look forward to Douglas getting invited to play a few more festivals in the UK next year.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Caves, Peter Bruntnell, Douglas E Powell, The North Devon Festival, Lilicos, Barnstaple, 15th June

We would like to thank Peter Bruntnell and the organizers of The North Devon Fringe Festival for putting on such a fantastic show last night, 15th June at Lilicos, Barnstaple.

You are always at risk when you are the resident performer to easily fall into the trap of going through the same old motions each week. But Peter, although choosing to play solely songs from his latest album Peter and The Murder of Crows, seems not to fall into this category. Each week his performance has been, as ever, compelling. Standout tune, Cold Water Swimmer.

Douglas E Powell's performance, to an unusually quiet but responsive audience, was delivered with a unique style and precise delivery. The audience was treated to three new and as yet unrecorded songs, Hawks and Larks, Muncaster Fell and Penny Lies. Standout tune, Muncaster Fell. Douglas will be recording some new material this summer as well as playing shows both home and away, with a return to Lilicos on the 25th June to play a full solo acoustic set with support from Americana lounge DJs, Matt and Sean.

At last years festival, the cellar restaurant at Lilicos, played host to an acoustic performance from Dai and Steve from Swansea band The Caves. This year they returned in full strength with band to give the audience a dose of their own brand of Welsh power pop. With precise and immaculately delivered three part harmonies and easily remembered hooks. Standout tune, Asleep on the Autobahn. They tell me that they will be in the studio this summer recording a new album. We eagerly anticipate it's arrival.

This part of The North Devon Fringe Festival has its finale next week on the 22nd June when Lilicos plays host to Otis Gibbs from Wanamaker, Indiana, Peter Bruntnell and Chris Millington.

We hope to see you there.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June News at TVR

Music news...

Our 2008 release on Twister Valley Records, The Iron Coast by Douglas E Powell, is finally (after a mammoth bar code battle) available to download from

Douglas will be back in the studio this summer to start work on his, as yet untitled, third album. "I have been writing heaps of new material since the release of The Iron Coast in 2008 and I'm keen to get my ideas onto tape", says Douglas. "My inspirations have kept pretty much the same, Dylan, Neil Young, Bert Jansch and Peter Bruntnell are all in the forefront, but I have discovered some new artists that I have drawn inspiration from as well such as The Great Lake Swimmers, Iron & Wine, Wooden Shjips, Loomer and Sun Kil Moon. You will still get the acoustic guitars and the vocal harmonies with the harmonica, but this time I have been experimenting with some odd tuning techniques all in that low-fi recording style that my friends over at Twister Valley Records specialize in".

We will keep you posted on any developments.

Keep visiting his web site at for regularly updated information on Douglas E Powell and our good old blog for more future releases on TVR.

Hope to see you at the beach or on road this summer.

Peace. TVR

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Douglas E Powell shows in June

15th - Liliicos, Barnstaple, Devon. With Peter Bruntnell, The Caves. Free entry. Part of The North Devon Festival.
Info at

19th - The Goldcoast Ocean Fest. Croyde, Devon. Tickets and info from

25th - Lilicos, Barnstaple, Devon. Solo acoustic set.
More info at

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twister Valley Records check out of the week - Resonator Ghost

Check out Resonator Ghost

Resonator Ghost is a one man guitar and vocal outfit from West Virginia, USA.
Specializing in lo-fi front porch recordings.

You can find his music on his myspace site

Tell him Twister Valley Records sent you.
He'd really appreciate that.


CP Mandrake @ Twister Valley Records

Friday, February 27, 2009

Twister Valley Records now on myspace

We have just posted a new site on myspace. Go and befriend us and send us lots of out there music for us to ponder over. Link to Twister Valley Records on myspace

Friday, January 23, 2009

Douglas E Powell now playing on Last FM

Douglas E Powell's profile has been added to the list of artists on the online radio station Last FM.

Click this link to Last FM to visit his profile where you can add his music to your profile if you have one. Or simply listen to his music free online.

What fun.



Saturday, January 17, 2009

Devil Delta Blues Band Support Alabama 3, Jam Club, Brixton, London

One of our favorite live acts around at the moment are the Devil Delta Blues Band. This band of most blues worthy brothers hail from the west coast of the UK and are making the long ride up to capital city to play a support slot for the blues, breakbeat and soul outfit, Alabama 3.

This most righteous event will take place on the 7th February at the Jam Club, Brixton, London. Tickets are on sale in advance for £10.00.

In their own words Alabama 3 are describing this event as:
"sweetprettymuthafuckincountryacidhousemusic all night long". It's going to be a late one. So best tell your mother you wont be coming home for your supper.

For more info on the show visit the Alabama3 web site