Sunday, September 6, 2009

and now for an intermission............

Twister Valley Records office top 10 play list.........

1. Joe Volt - Derwent Water Gaint (Bootleg) sorry Joe, send us a copy please!

2. Pete Coe - In Paper Houses (Backshift Music)

3. Sonic Youth - The Eternal (Matador)

4. Forest Sun - Harlequin Goodnight (Painted Sun)

4. Dinosaur Jr. - Farm (Pias)

6. Bon Iver - For Emma, forever ago (4AD)

7. Great Lake Swimmers - Ongiara (Nettwerk)

8. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Jacksonville City Nights (Lost Highway)

9. Neil Young - Mirrorball (Reprise Records)

10. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegen - Sunday at Devil Dirt (V2 Records)

Snaps - An article by Forest Sun

You know what I like about cowboy shirts? Snaps. Snaps are far superior to buttons. Elegant. Attractive. Practical. And most importantly-easily accessible. When I was a kid I wore shirts with snaps. (I had a pair of red cowboy boots, too.) With snaps you can pull your shirt open like your superman getting ready to fly or the incredible hulk, muscles bursting out of your shirt. Or even better have someone else pull your shirt open and off. And toss it recklessly on the floor while they kiss your newly exposed clavicles and fondle your love handles. Buttons don’t have that going for them. You rip a buttoned shirt off a body you can’t put it on again in the morning. Snaps you can. Plus the word snap has an inherently musical quality to it. It’s a verb. A rhythmic action. A percussive event each time you put on that shirt. That satisfying pulsation betwixt thumb and forefinger that buttons just can’t provide. Snaps are about speed. They’re streamlined. Aerodynamic. They may lack the propriety and ubiquitous homogeny of the more widely accepted buttons, but they more then make up for it in personality, relaxed attitude and sexy, pearlescent shine. And for that I am grateful. Forest Sun

Twister Valley Records will be reviewing Forest Sun's new album Harlequin Goodnight soon. Keep posted.

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