Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Otis Gibbs plus support from Douglas E Powell, Pilton Devon 3rd Oct

Twister Valley Records stable mate Douglas E Powell was lucky enough to play the support slot for the legendary American folk singer Otis Gibbs at the Piton Village Hall, Devon, last Saturday night, 3rd October.
The sell out audience were first treated to a set of brand new material and some older classic songs from folk singer Douglas E Powell. Douglas was joined on stage for three songs by life long friend and bass player Andrew 'Tizz' Tizzard. Could this new combination of harmonized vocals, electric bass and acoustic guitar herald a new direction for Douglas? We will just have to wait and see.

Headliner Otis Gibbs is a master of the song link. Every tune masterfully entwined with the next with tales from his travels around the worlds stages, drinking holes and anti-war demos. Often tongue planted firmly within his cheek and sometimes with his political and religious views proudly on show. His songs where delivered to an appreciative audience who sat in total silence for over an hour and a half, breaking their silence only to applaud and occasionally heckle in the right places. This is all part of an Otis Gibbs live experience.
Promoters Matt and Shaun tell us that they have a full rosta of artists from all over the globe lined up to play at the the hall in the coming months. A great boost for the Devon live music scene.

Otis Gibbs new album Grandpa Walked A Picket Line (Wanamaker Recoding Company) is available to buy from www.otisgibbs.com

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