Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lewis Wilson - Lift You Up (Rip Roaring Records)

Comparisons with the summer time is blindingly obvious from the get go with opener Holiday in the Sun and from then on the tone is set.
However, despite the fluffy theme running through the album it actually brought out my cynical side. Although opening our minds and taking care of the homeless are very considerate and noble gestures, lyrically at times it does tend to feel like a skit from Sesame Street. That’s not a criticism as such, more of an observation from someone who prefers a touch more pessimistic content amongst the unrelenting jollity.
Cynicism aside, musically it’s tight. Early on there’s a baggy feel which isn’t at all unpleasant but it’s when the sugar is diluted on tracks Postcards and Super Place when Wilson’s strengths come to the fore with the former reminiscent of that famous scouse foursome.
Those of you who like your pop music a little edgier you'd do well to steer clear, however those seeking a dose of audio sunshine now that the nights have drawn in, Lift You Up could be right up your street.

For more information on the music of Lewis Wilson visit his myspace site. To purchase your copy of Lift You Up visit Rip Roaring Records.

Reviewer: The Country Bear Jamboree

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