Monday, October 4, 2010

The Office Top 10 Play List October 2010

1. Broadcast & The Focus Group - Investigates Witchcults of the Radio Age (Warp) - Hauntology is still alive and being practiced in a village hall near you.

2. The Great Lake Swimmers - The Legion Sessions (Nettwerk) - Canada's finest live in one of their favorite venues.

3. Otis Gibbs - Grandpa Walked A Picketline (Wanamaker Recording Company) - Another slice of country soul from the bearded one.

4. Sleepy Sun - Fever (ATP Records) - Stoner rock from San Francisco.

5. Money Mark - Push The Button (Mowax) - A classic from the prince of lo-fi.

6. Forest Sun - Walk Through Walls (Painted Sun) - A group of friends rent a cabin in the wood and a beautiful record is made.

7. Hot Rod City - Compilation (Sundazed) - Songs about custom cars and girls from the 60's.

8. Rough Trade - Country Sampler 1 (Rough Trade) - A must have benchmark in Americana.

9. Songs of Witchcraft & Magic - Compilation (Wild Goose Records) - Before Hauntology there was this.

10. Dillard & Clark - The Fantastic Expedition / Through the Morning Through the Night (A&M) - Two for the price of one from this under rated duo.

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